The knobs are no longer a "separate" piece; MINI has gone to a one-piece knob/boot/trim ring assembly.That said, the knob CAN be removed from the boot; it simply snaps into place, and can be pulled off. The boot material folds over this small plastic small ring, and the stem underneath the shift knob snaps into the ring.In addition to going to the knob/boot/ring assembly, they have also lengthened the distance from the top of the lever to the locking groove, which means a pre-07 knob will not fit an 07 car properly, and vice-versa.



The Whalen Shift Machine™ is effortless to install. Here is the step-by-step installation procedure:


1. Remove existing shift knob from shift lever


2. Line up the plastic locating pin in the new knob with the slot in the shift lever.


3. Slide the locking collar up, and hold it against spring pressure while sliding the knob down onto the lever, bottoming out against the shift boot.


4. Release the locking collar to lock the knob onto the shift lever.


5. Check to make sure that the knob is securely locked in place by pulling up gently before driving the vehicle.