Read what these satisfied owners say about their Shift Machine™!!!

After receiving my knob today I can't believe I waited so long to order one! The quality of this knob goes far beyond BMW and any of the aftermarket makers out there. - Joe C.

I am pleased to report nothing but good about your shift knob. It is visually exciting and adds just the right amount of "shine". It attracts the eye and it is the centerpiece of the interior as it deserves to be. - Allen L.

As a mechanical engineer, I can definitely appreciate the design and craftsmanship, and I just have to say, nice job! - Michael G.

The shifting is quick, smooth, and snappy...when you shift, you feel more of a "oneness" between you and your steel horse. - Hal N.

I totally agree that this is the best design I have ever seen, especially in the way it attaches. The results are amazing! Shifting finally feels the way it should have in the first place. - Jack H.

Got mine yesterday, beautiful craftsmanship! Now all I need is a car to put it on (awaiting delivery of my M Roadster). - K. Kasper

'Scuse my excitement but I've been a"Whalen! Just put my shift knob in yesterday and MY oh MY! What a shiny treasure! I can only echo what everyone else has been saying. Its funtastic! Order one up and go a"Whalen, matey and enjoy! - Allen L.

I just got back from a test drive with my new Doug Whalen Shift Knob. I would not have believed that swapping the shift knob could make such a dramatic improvement in shifting. Great look and feel! - TommyZ3